Tips for Success for Leather Wrap Bracelets

We have consolidated a list of "Tips for Success" to help customers assemble our popular leather wrap bracelet kits.

We hope these tips help you achieve success with making your bracelet! We welcome your feedback and suggestions to make these tips more useful for everyone. Please contact us through this website if you want to suggest new tips to be added here.

Again, these tips are specifically for the Leather Wrap Bracelet making kits.  

Tip #1:  Please watch our Leather Wrap Bracelet video tutorial BEFORE you complete this kit!  As mentioned on all of the leather wrap bracelet product descriptions, the COMPLETE instruction for the leather wrap bracelet is on our YouTube Channel. If you haven't watched the video, the easiest way to view it is to click here to view it at the bottom of our home page.

Tip #2:  We've conditioned the thread and threaded the needle.
Please be careful unwinding your thread and needle to prevent it from getting too tangled. You should definitely expect the thread to get a *little* tangled as you're working, but the thread conditioner should prevent it from getting too terribly tangled. Please work out any random knots/tangles before they get too tight!

Tip #3: We've included extra beads in the kit - you may not have to use all of them!  Since we don't know your wrist size, we included a few extra beads.  Make sure you measure the bracelet around your wrist as you are working to ensure you don't make it too big or too small. If you have an average size writs, it's very probable you won't use all of the beads. If your wrist is above average in diameter, hopefully you contacted us ahead of time to let us know so we had a chance to provide you with additional beads with your order.

Tip #4: Lay out your beads in whatever pattern you like! 
Feel free to be creative!! You can always follow the patterns shown in our images but always feel free to make whatever pattern you like! 

Tip #5: Please remember these 2 words:  Thread Tension!
>>> This tip is the Holy Grail for making this bracelet!!! <<<

If you don't have enough thread tension, you risk splitting your thread, creating tangles and/or creating knots. If you have too much thread tension, your fingers will hurt and you could potentially slice through your leather and break the thread!

As you pass your needle and thread through the beads, pull the thread firmly enough so the thread lays straight and tight on the leather. The beads should NOT move loosely in between the leather and the thread should NOT appear to "bubble" on the leather.  Look at the photos provided in all of our product descriptions and tutorials to see how tight and even the thread is on our bracelets. It takes practice!

Tip #6: You may need to reinforce beads if they have larger holes.
If you use proper tension when sewing the beads between the leather but you find the beads still seem "loose", it is wise to pass through the bead 2 or 3 more times to make them feel more secure on the bracelet. Or, to add extra stability to a bracelet, you may find reinforcing a bead every now and again is helpful.

Tip #7: Please don't force your needle through a bead!
Beads are NOT created perfectly. With that in mind, if you are trying to reinforce a bead by passing your needle back through it but it will no longer budge...then please don't force it!  You risk breaking the bead, breaking the needle, and shredding the thread. Our rule of thumb is to try and reinforce the very first and last beads on the bracelet, but if the holes are to small, it's ok!

Tip #8: If you ordered a kit with 3 or more wraps, we've included additional thread and written instruction on how to add thread. Since we do not cover this topic in the video tutorial, we've provided the written instruction. Ideally, when you add thread, you want the knots small enough to almost "disappear" next to the beads.  Honestly, no one will look closely enough to see how you've added thread so please do not worry if your knots are not perfect.