Bead Sizing
Sometimes it's difficult to "see" exactly how small or big beads and buttons are when ordering online.  To help demystify the sizing of beads in millimeters, take a look at this image to help you get acquainted.

The majority of our leather wrap bracelet kits use 6mm beads. The majority of buttons used in our kits are in the neighborhood of 16mm, which is slightly smaller than a U.S. currency dime (which is just under 18mm).  

Our 2-hole glass bead kits mostly use tiny 2mm seed beads.

Make no mistake:  Beads under 6mm are SMALL!  Much smaller than a pea from a peapod!  If you have never worked with beads before, we encourage you to measure beads from jewelry pieces you may already own to familiarize yourself with just how small beads can be.  We do our best to describe the sizes of the beads used in our kits, but only you can make the best decision if you have an understanding of the bead sizes before you buy.  

A note on leather:
The majority of the leather we provide in the kits is 1.5mm diameter.  This ties a very nice knot and provides enough durability for regular wear. Please note that leather can definitely wear out with a lot of use.  Leather will also break down and stretch out if it gets soaking wet.  We recommend not wearing the finished bracelets in the shower, and definitely not in a pool.  

Size of finished Leather Wrap bracelets

The beauty of this style of wrap bracelets is that they are adjustable with up to 2 button holes allowing the wearer to adjust the bracelet to a comfortable fit!  This is perfect especially if you are making the bracelet as a gift and do not know the wearer's actual wrist size.

We pack each bracelet kit with enough beads, leather, and thread to comfortably fit the average woman's actual wrist size (6.5") when measured with a string snugly (but not too tight) around the wrist and then measured on a ruler. (Please understand that your actual wrist size is different than your "bracelet size"!)  If your actual wrist size is smaller than 6.5", then you can simply leave off a couple of beads. If your actual wrist size is a little larger than 6.5" you will have enough beads, thread, and leather to make it larger.

NOTE:  if your actual wrist size (again, when measured with a string snugly around the wrist) is much larger than 7.0", please let us know in the Notes section of your order at checkout so we can add a couple of extra beads to your kit.