Tourmaline Stone Leather Wrap Bracelet Kit (9mm Stone Beads)

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Make a boho-style Tourmaline leather wrap bracelet with genuine 9mm stone beads! Perfect for beginners and experienced beaders alike!

If you've already made one of our leather wrap bracelets, you will be familiar with the fact that we typically use 6mm beads and 1.5mm leather in the majority of our wrap kits. Our Tourmaline wrap bracelet kit uses much larger 9mm genuine tourmaline stone beads and heavier 2mm leather cord which results in a substantially larger / chunkier bracelet. (Scroll through the photos in this product description to see a sample size comparison showing the difference between 8mm and 6mm bracelets to get a general idea on bead size differences.)

We used a total of 18 Tourmaline beads in our sample bracelet which resulted in a bracelet that can comfortably fit up to a 6 3/4" wrist size. We also provide extra beads in the kit. Wrist sizes vary so you may have to adjust your bead count depending on your wrist size. Furthermore, the style of this bracelet allows it to be adjustable to a larger size by tying an extra button loop once you complete the bracelet. This is helpful if you are gifting the bracelet and do not know the exact wrist size of the recipient. The extra button loop plus the extra beads provided in the kit will allow this bracelet to fit extra large wrists measuring up to 8.5". 

Interested in finding out about the "healing" properties of tourmaline? Simply search "tourmaline" in your favorite search engine to learn all about this beautiful stone.

LEARN HOW TO MAKE THIS STYLE BRACELET RIGHT NOW!: Complete bracelet making video instruction is available on our YouTube channel. Be sure to watch the video! You will need a clipboard (as shown in the video) or a stable work surface to help create the bracelet. We also provide a written tutorial complete with photos in each kit. (Please note: We did not use the small pewter start and end beads in this Tourmaline bracelet kit.)

Kit Contents for one Tourmaline stone bracelet kit:
1 Pewter button
1 Needle and beading thread (we've already threaded the needle!)
2mm Leather cord
9mm Genuine Tourmaline beads in rich deep tones of black, dark forest green & deep burgundy color tones
"Extras" bag of Tourmaline beads
Tutorial sheet with photos and complete written instructions

A note on colors: we took these photos outside in natural lighting which can cast different hues on the beads. We do minimal photo editing and do our best to show you the true colors of the beads. Colors will vary depending on what type of screen the items are being viewed on (smartphone, tablet, desktop computer monitor).

Wondering how to judge the size of materials provided in our kits? Check out our Sizing page.