Paisley Beaded Bracelet Kit with 2-Hole Glass Beads (Holiday Colors)

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Celebrate the holiday season with our festive "Paisley" Bracelet kit!

Learn how to make our glass bead bracelet featuring unique paisley-shaped 2-hole glass beads from the Czech Republic.
 Another great bracelet to stack with others in your arm-party collection!

This is a beginner-friendly kit! The key to success for making this bracelet is to lay out the beads in your desired pattern ahead of time. It will help to stay organized as you string the beads. In order for the bracelet to lay straight, we recommend nestling the paisley beads in groups of two so they resemble a "yin yang" (see image). If you choose not to nestle, make sure to select one consistent direction for the paisley beads to lay and stick with it for the entire bracelet. 

Kit Contents:
Paisley-shaped 2-hole glass beads (6mm x 9mm) in black & white with silver 
Japanese seed beads (size 8/0) 
Magnet clasp
2 Needles pre-threaded with approximately 1 yard of beading thread
An "Extras" packet of beads "just in case"
Printed instruction sheet with photos

Please Note:  This kit makes one (1) bracelet for an "average" female wrist size of 7". Please let us know if you require a handful of additional beads to accommodate a larger wrist. 

*A note on colors: the photos of this bracelet were taken in natural lighting. We do minimal photo editing and do our best to show you the true colors of the beads. Colors will vary depending on what type of screen the items are being viewed on (smartphone, tablet, desktop computer monitor). 

Wondering how to judge the size of materials provided in our kits? Check out our Sizing page.