Berry Bead Bracelet Kit - Blue Iris

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Make a beautiful beaded bracelet using Japanese glass beads! These beautiful seed beads are uniquely shaped like a peanut and give the appearance of a raspberry or blackberry when stacked together in our simple bracelet design.  

This is a great beginner-friendly project and teaches you the basic fundamentals of bead stringing using 2 needles with nylon beading thread.
As with all of our projects, good manual dexterity, patience and attention to detail will help you through this project. 

Kit Contents: Enough supplies to make ONE bracelet
Japanese glass berry/peanut shaped seed beads
2 needles pre-threaded with strong beading nylon
Magnet clasp
An "extras" bag of beads just in case you need more
Printed instruction sheet with photos
(you will need an adhesive and cutters or a thread burner to complete the project not included with the kit)

A note on colors: 
we took these photos in outdoor settings. We do minimal photo editing and do our best to show you the true colors of the beads. Colors will vary depending on what type of screen the items are being viewed on (smartphone, tablet, desktop computer monitor).

Beads are small! Wondering how to judge the size of materials provided in our kits?
 Check out our Sizing page. Beads and supplies range in size from 2mm to 6mm.