2-Hole Ginko Glass Bead Bracelet Kit (Picasso Mix)

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Great for beginners! Make a beautiful bracelet using 2-hole glass beads shaped like leaves of the ginkgo biloba tree. 

Please Note: As with all of our kits, use of both hands, good manual dexterity, and the ability to read and follow instructions are the keys to success. If you're brand new to beading, this is a great beginner-friendly project! 

Kit Contents (Kit Makes one (1) bracelet):
2-Hole Czech made "Ginko" glass beads (7.5mm) in a variety of colors
Japanese seed beads (size 8/0)
Magnet clasp with pre-attached end components 
Pre-threaded needles
An "Extras" packet of beads "just in case"
Printed instruction sheet with photos

*A note on colors: the photos of this bracelet were taken in indoor and outdoor lighting. We do minimal photo editing and do our best to show you the true colors of the beads. Colors will vary depending on what type of screen the items are being viewed on (smartphone, tablet, desktop computer monitor). 

Wondering how to judge the size of materials provided in our kits? Beads in this kit range in size from 1.5mm seed beads to 7.5mm 2-hole beads. Check out the size comparison photo to get a better idea of the size of the beads and width of the bracelet compared to a US Quarter. Check out our Sizing page.