We Put Our Favorite New Beads To The TEST!

Posted by Ann Marie on

We were super excited when these gorgeous new glass beads arrived to our bead shop in Pittsford, NY! They are earthy, gorgeous, unique and have an "aged" look to them despite being brand new beads! The manufacturers of these beads made note that achieving the "aged" effect required a coating added to the beads during production. So before we released our latest kit, we wanted to put these beads to the test to see just how well the coating would hold up. 

I created one simple stretch bracelet on July 26, 2016 and wore the bracelet non-stop for exactly one week (in fact, I'm still wearing the bracelet right now!). During the past week, I showered every day, I worked out Crossfit style 5 times, I slept with it on, I washed my hands several times, I walked my dog along the beach at Lake Ontario and got it wet several times as I played with her in the water. I never took it off!

The RESULTS: The bracelet looks exactly the same! The finishes on all of the beads look identical to the photo below! So after 168 straight hours of wearing the bracelet, we feel quite confident the coatings on the beads should hold up well! However, please understand that we cannot guarantee the coatings will last forever. We always recommend that you remove your jewelry daily and definitely not wear it 24/7/365 as we cannot guarantee it will look the same over long periods of time.  

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