SALE! Sterling Silver & Tourmaline Simple Beauty Minimalist Necklace Kit

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Make your own trendy minimalist kyanite and sterling silver chain necklace. If you wish, materials may also be used to make a bracelet. 

Kit Contents:
Eye Pin - Sterling Silver
Beads - Tourmaine (approximately 4.5mm)***
Chain - Sterling Silver
Clasp and Jump Rings - Sterling Silver
Complete written and photo tutorial

***We do our very best to select the best stones for each necklace kit. Due to natural variations in stones, your kit may not be identical to what is shown in the photos...but it will be very close.

Design Notes: The completed beaded bar section of the necklace measures approximately 1.75" long. We provide enough chain for the finished necklace to measure a maximum of 20.5" .  Most customers prefer to trim the chain so the finished necklace measures between 18" - 19" long. 

Tools (pliers and wire cutters) are NOT included.

Learn how to make a wire loop:  For an introduction to making wire loops, please watch our earring making video tutorial on YouTube available on our bead shop's website by clicking here. Scroll down to the bottom to view the video. For this necklace project, you will omit the wire wrapping step.

Wondering how to judge the size of materials provided in our kits? Check out our Sizing page.