Mandala Style Pendant Kit - 2-hole Glass Beads - Brown & Teal Color Mix

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Make a beautiful mandala-style pendant with 2-hole glass beads!
This kit provides the perfect introduction to learning how to stitch with 2-hole glass beads (also known as SuperDuo beads). You will build 4 rings of beads as you stitch around this pendant. Seed beads will be used to fill in the final outer ring of beads for an added touch of fine detail. 

We estimate the absolute beginner should be able to complete this mandala-style pendant in under an hour. We realize everyone has different abilities and although we cannot make any guarantees of success...we consider this a great beginner project!

Kit Contents:
1 Needle and thread (we've already threaded the needle)
SuperDuo 2-hole Glass Bead pearl finish color assortment of Brown, Teal, Gold & Cream (individual beads measure 2mm x 5mm)
Seed beads in small size 11/0 and medium size 8/0
1 Large jump ring 
1 "Extras" packet (extra beads) 
Complete written instruction with photos

*A note on colors: we took these photos in both natural outdoor lighting and indoor studio lighting. Please understand that different lighting can cast different hues on the beads. We do minimal photo editing and do our best to show you the true colors of the beads. Colors will vary depending on what type of screen the items are being viewed on (smartphone, tablet, desktop computer monitor). 

Wondering how to judge the size of materials provided in our kits? Check out our Sizing page.